Digger Dan DX Gold Stars Competition

The Result

The competition was won by Matthew Eschete. His prize is working its way through the many wires of the internet to him right now. Matthew already owned Digger Dan and had already got gold stars for all the original 100 levels when he updated to get the Bonus levels. This didn't really give him that much of an advantage though, as he didn't update the game until about 19 hours after the update went live. This means that it only took him about 11 hours to complete all the Bonus levels, which is incredibly fast. Even more surprising is the fact that the last level alone took him two hours. Congratulations Matthew, you are a worthy winner.


The competition is now closed for new entries. The winner is being determined and will be announced here as soon as possible.

The Prize

A cheque for £250 awaits the first player who can prove that they have earned a gold star for each of the 125 levels in the game.
If the winner is from the UK, a cheque for £250 will be posted to them. Nice and simple.
If the winner is from outside of the UK, the prize money will be converted to their local currency and sent to them by whatever means possible whether this is bank transfer, money order or, as a last resort, cash in an envelope!

How To Claim

First of all, buy a copy of Digger Dan DX on the Nintendo 3DS. If you already have it, great, you have a head start. Next, get a gold star ranking for each of the 125 levels on a single save. Once you have done this, take a photograph of the Save Select screen which clearly shows the save slot which has 125 gold stars. Send this photograph by email to competition@fourhorses.co.uk You will be contacted within 5 days to tell you if you are possibly eligible for the prize. Do not delete your save as further photographic verification will be requested.

The Rules

  • The competition is open to anyone who has purchased a copy of Digger Dan DX. Owners of copies downloaded from promotional codes and friends and family of Four Horses staff are excluded.
  • The first email we receive which shows that all 125 gold stars have been earned will be eligible for the prize. Additional photographs will be requested for further verification of the validity of the claim.
  • If the first valid claimant is from the UK, the prize will be a cheque for £250.
  • If the first valid claimant is from outside the UK, the prize will be £250 minus money transfer and currency conversion fees converted into the winner’s local currency.
  • The prize will be sent out within 28 days after the winner has been notified that their claim is accepted as valid.
  • Four Horses decisions on the validity of claims are final.