Four Horses Privacy Policy

How we collect your data

We do not collect any data involunarily from visitors to this website through cookies or any other methods. When you contact us via the Contact page, the email address you use will be stored in our email postbox automatically. If you have contacted us with regards to helping promote our games in the form of reviews or streaming, for example, we will ask if you would like to be added to our press database to send you future press releases and review codes.

What data we store

If we add you to our press database, we will store your name, your organisation name, your website address, any contact details you give us, what platforms you cover, what review codes we have sent to you and whether you have posted content about the games you've received press codes for.

How we store your data

All our computers are protected with BitLocker encryption with a startup PIN and account passwords. Our press database is also encrypted to further protect your data.

How we share your data

We don't. Not with anybody. If ever we thought that a third party might benefit from being in contact with you, we would pass on the third party's contact details (with their permission) to you with a request for you to contact them.

Seeing what data we store about you

If you want us to send you all data we store about you, contact us via our Contacts page and make a request. We'll send you the appropriate data in JSON format.

Removing your data from our systems

If you want your data removed from our system, please contact us via our Contacts page and request to be removed and we will remove you entry from our press database and delete any emails sent to or received from you. That will be the full extent of any data we have stored about you.